Meet Bowen Wilcox

Born and raised in Port Moody, BC, Bowen Wilcox comes from a family with a rich history in the real estate industry, spanning over three generations across BC’s Interior and Lower Mainland. From a young age, Bowen has been immersed in this field, observing firsthand the passion, knowledge, and dedication that have influenced his own approach to real estate.

Having started his real estate career at 18, Bowen quickly dove into the world of sales and marketing, working with prestigious developers such as Mosaic Homes and ML Emporio. Through these experiences, Bowen developed a strong ability to create engaging experiences and successfully guide clients through the process of purchasing homes, condominiums, and townhouses in a variety of vibrant communities all across the Lower Mainland. Now, with an unwavering commitment to excellence, Bowen continues to uphold his family heritage as he passionately serves his clients in the dynamic world of real estate.

At Wilcox Real Estate, Bowen’s mission is to deliver premium service with authenticity and passion. Specializing in personalized marketing strategies and exceptional services that prioritize meaningful experiences, Bowen’s empathetic approach ensures every client feels valued. His unwavering commitment to their success is reflected in his dedication to going the extra mile. Bowen is driven by the belief that real estate transactions should not just be about closing deals but also about creating lasting fulfillment for his clients. His ultimate goal is to build a bridge between their aspirations and reality, making their real estate journey a truly transformative and enriching experience.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer taking your initial steps on the property ladder or a seasoned investor seeking strategic opportunities, having Bowen as your guide will inspire confidence in making informed decisions and achieving your real estate goals. To learn more about Bowen’s unique marketing tactics and personalized approach, please visit his marketing page here


Bowen will help you find the perfect home or assist in selling your current property with ease. Don’t wait, take the first step towards your dream home and get in touch today!